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Project Description

How often do you meet people who so passionately and intensely speak about what they do, in a way that their every move, and physical expression, on one hand persuade you – they know it perfectly – and on the other hand in the first few minutes make you become interested in it?

The indication is that perhaps often, for many trainers while, they know very well their chosen field, and have long experience in their trade and science their expert message doesn’t always get through to the people. What is it that the ones who know their field well do, while the others who are perhaps also experts, don’t?

The way with which a professional is in a position to connect with the public, the customers, the trainees or his students, is the bridge between information and experience.

Information concerns the balance of knowledge whereas its reinforcement with traits that make it an experience, concerns the way every man separately decides to live his or her life with the goal of making it as good as possible.

Sherlock Your Mind™ – Be a gifted Trainer
♣ If you are a teacher, sales person, trainer, coach, therapist and want to improve your ability to relay your expert knowledge
♣ If you want to infuse the passion with which yourselves are impassioned in your profession
♣ If you want to make the difference in your field, giving it additional significant
♣ If you are interested increasing your performance, and build a reputation in whatever you do
♣ If you are interested in better cooperation with your colleagues for an effective result
♣ If you have a strong role model in mind and don’t know how to evolve professionally in your own unique way
♣ If you are convinced that you are doing something effectively, but haven’t yet found a way to communicate it to the public, trainees or your customers.

Why is Sherlock Your Mind™ _ Train the Trainer is unique

Eskimoes have 17 different words for ice. The words have power and at the same time affect the brain in a catalytic way. They create synapses with the neuro-network and bring out memories, feelings, thoughts and therefore behaviors. The methodology of Sherlock Your Mind™ is structured so specifically in a scientific way, that could easily be compared to the precision of a train moving on its tracks. With absolute reliability Sherlock Your Mind™ is simultaneously content free, giving the participants the choice to decide whether to consciously share their discoveries with the rest of them or not, keeping in mind at the same time in both cases, the team’s potential.
Exactly as the spoken metaphor of the train, the only precondition is the course of the journey to stay in the tracks, without imposing restrictions in the type or model of the train, speed, passengers, decoration of cars nor the sorting of cargo. Respectively so doesn’t Sherlock Your Mind™ – Train the Trainer intervene with the nature of the specialty of every professional.

On the contrary it offers the techniques of the Applied Theatre and the applied Neurolinguistic Programming so it will enable professional to express his own worth and wealth of expertise, the best way possible.

How you gain from Sherlock Your Mind – Train the Trainer
♣ Learn how to associate and connect with your public
♣ Discover how spoken thematic words can affect behaviors
♣ Discover what is really the goal in your professional capacity and how it affects meritoriously your actions and reputation
♣ Become a better ambassador of yourself
♣ Create the difference that makes the difference in you as it relates to competitors
♣ Strengthen your communication skills
♣ Reveal in a most creative way your obstacles and confining perceptions of your career and the limits of its growth

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