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Project Description

Having gone through different experiences, every people has a different temperament. That same person who is basically different from another, is the one who is in a business environment. This business, in turn, is yet another factor with values, experiences, goals and history. How can these people interact in order for each entity to evolve in a single and collective way? How can one look forward to different people producing the same result since they had the same motive?
The methodology of Sherlock Your Mind™ combines the scientific applications in Neuroscience, the classic and New Code of Neuro – Linguistic – Programming, as well as the Applied Theatre. It provides a scientific clarity within a framework, where every professional can rewrite his or her own story. It deletes every entry which was posing an obstacle in his or her growth, therefore contributing to the performance of the business.

When your business is ready to Sherlock Your Mind™:
♣ When the company’s data have changed and human resources experience the tremors of changes without having decoded the changes themselves.
♣ When the relationship between management and employees hasn’t been evaluated por mutual benefit.
♣ When the staff of your colleagues do not reflect the company’s philosophy, products and services.
♣ When all other seminars have failed in a short period of time.

When on one hand, it is necessary to have new synapses and new experiences take place, which include any training, the business might have had. On the other hand it is important for this knowledge not to be absorbed by the potential of the routine (reinforcing old synapse, therefore old habits).
How then Sherlock Your Mind™ – Sherlock Your Business is different?
Through the expanse of allegories and the story telling, it prepares the ideal ground to manifest personal stories with heroes and obstacles that reveal the corresponding company map.
The goals of management and human resources are aligned without pushing the two sides into adopting technical or reproduction theories. Through a common purpose, new bridges are created which are automatically manifested when one designs and looks at a map.
Without theoretical lectures. The Sherlock Your Mind™ – Sherlock Your Business methodology defines the scientific framework of interaction. It uses techniques and games of applied neuroscience and at the same time allows a margin for every employee to demonstrate his or her talents. Thus a quantum fiber of skills is actually created through experience and without suggestions, it ensures collective intelligence.

The tools of Theatre- Pedagogy and NLP – New Code by nature and niche, leave open the content for disposition, by removing obstacles of past experiences, and without walking on a tight rope of nullifications. It this is accomplished with respect and the strengthening of new, still undocumented experiences, new results could be produced.
There is no right or wrong, all colleagues are treated equally, coexist but have individuality, members of a whole and are self – existent entities.

What will the business and human resources gain, with Sherlock Your Mind™ – Sherlock Your Business?
♣ Convergence of personal goals with the business goals
♣ Connection of the employee role with the management role
♣ Power of adopting – through neuroplasticity – a new way of thinking which reinforces new possibilities and leads to solutions
♣ Take advantage of, and upgrade the wealth of knowledge which the employers already have. It becomes feasible through theatrical training and NLP techniques. Employees can effectively apply the knowledge they have acquired and at the same time realize the connection of their role with the goals of the organization
♣ One hundred per cent planning of the workshop which is tailored to the needs, the story and the company’s goals.
♣ Reestablishment of the high performance state, which steadily maintains the potential of every person to activate the best choice, depending on the case, a probability he hadn’t considered before.
♣ Strengthening of communication skills, through spoken thematic words and training in the observation of physiology, absolving the person from stereotypical presumptions that hold him back.


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