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Project Description

If you think it takes an eternity to change a thought and influence the behavior connected with it, you are wrong. To be exact, write down something new.

What’s written can be re- written

With the methodology of Sherlock Your Mind™, series of stories and games complements in a pleasant and amusing way, the scientific basis of the Neuro – Linguistic – Programming, in its classic New Code and Theatre – Pedagogy in just a few hours! Without pre-conditions and mainly without internal dialogue.

One of the meritorious advantages of Sherlock Your Mind™ as a method, is that it is completely structured with a scientific and factual flow in alternating techniques and tools, between the applied neurosciences and applied theatre.

And while in just a few hours a story is evolving into an allegory, the two trainers set a code for the algorithm trough games and interactions. These in turn allow someone to choose a course, a story and a narration, until their data become clear. Simultaneously they make up the codes of the allegory, its DNA, so people can recode the data at any time and as they like.

It is not necessary for one to make public the content of his or her story, but be able to take advantage of the team’s potential in the lab, in the “Put things in Order” process. The participant encounters obstacles along the way but is set free from the excuses that maintain them. He proceeds directly into action and discovery, confronting the entirety of the issue in the creative expanse of the theatre and the clarity of neuro – science.

This mixing of basic theatre creativity and law – abiding trust of the applied NLP, make Sherlock Your Mind™ – “Put things in Order” absolutely unique as the methodology, content and tis activities are based on the latest developments of neuroscience, in NLP – New Code games, and applied Theatre and are scientifically adapted to the profile and needs of the participants.

It is a theory – free lab, lasting only few hours, without a lecture so you can master step -by- step techniques you can apply on yourself, in your professional team of another environment, and mainly the experiences, which remove the obstacles and have led you to solutions, can be registered in the brain.

Here you work individually on your troublesome issues – without having to share them – using at the same time the potential of the team. NLP is a very discreet content free system that studies human behavior focusing on the “how” and not the “what”.

With the methodology of Sherlock Your Mind™ you have your own key, so you can:
♣ Discover what stands in your way to realize your “I want ..”
♣ Explore the significance and dominant intention behind it, that is, to understand how much the achievement of what you want depends on you and how much on your interaction with others.

When you are ready to Sherlock Your Mind™:

Very often we say to ourselves and to others, stories about us, our “I want…” and about what has happened…

Sometimes we insist on projecting a story which doesn’t represent us. Perhaps it concerns, what we want others to hear or even what we are used to saying about ourselves. These “stories” don’t always describe who we are, nor what we can accomplish, and it is possible that can be an obstacle in our next step.

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