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Take your coaching to a higher level


New Code NLP Coaching is about creating within people a context where high performance emerges naturally.  Clients are effortlessly equipped with new ways and choices of dealing spontaneously with previously challenging situations.

New Code NLP emphasizes the relationship between the conscious and unconscious minds of a person, their relationships with others and their environment. It creates deep and lasting change, which ensures personal excellence.

New Code NLP focuses on a person’s changing psychological state instead of replacing one behaviour directly with a single, different behaviour. A change in state leads to a range of different, naturally occurring behaviours, which inherently safeguard the person’s wellbeing.

You will learn:
• How to create high performance states in the people you are coaching, so they perform at a very high level
• Teach your clients to engage and utilise their unconscious mind in order to have access to their full potential
• Identify and eliminate trigger points in the client’s experience, to deal with situations where a client loses emotional control.
• To effectively align a client’s conscious goals and unconscious intentions to ensure a high level of success.
• Working within the client’s reality to build resources and choices, which respect their ecosystem.

After this course you will be competent in using some of the most advanced models in NLP to create rapid and deep change in a fun way. The effectiveness of New Code NLP becomes apparent in the results of your coaching sessions.

We highly recommend this program for Professional Coaches and/or NLP Practitioners.

3-day course: 25 – 27 September 2019
1- day certification | Certificate signed by Dr John Grinder: 28 September 2019
(Language: English)
Registration is open | Early Bird tickets are available
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Aggeliki works as a theatrologist, a theatre instructor, director and set/costume designer. She applies theatre as a creative and effective pedagogical method. She designs labs based on applied Τheatre techniques, Neuroscience and NLP. When working with adults and children, she aims to liberate their expressive means, lift limited beliefs and bias. She studied Theatre at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and Human Resources Management and Administration, she is also currently completing her Master Degree in theatre studies.

Aggeliki Tomaras, Full Bio
After a 20-year experience in leading training positions in organizations, Anastasia realised that challenges can be resolved by looking at the process, the behavior and understand how our brain functions. So, pursuing a NLP Master Diploma from StCruz University, she developed a high quality training & coaching company that develops leaders, teams and organizations through Neuroscience based transformational labs & sessions which embody Applied Theatre techniques.

Anastasia Tomaras, Full Bio
For the last 10 years, Myrto has coached Business owners, senior executives, managers and Startup teams to discover their vision, achieve their business goals and enhance personal and team performance. As a Board Certified NLP trainer, from the co-creator of NLP Dr.John Grinder in 2009, she is the only trainer in Greece certified to teach New Code NLP.

Dr Myrto Raftopoulou, Full Bio

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