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All human beings are Actors (they act) & Spectators (they observe)

Augusto Boal

The Story…

If you probe inside the theatre, you will find that the entire NLP methodology is applied.

The ways with which applied theatre and Neurolinguistic Programming are woven together as meanings, lead to a historical narration, the stories are being told and played contemporarily, perhaps more than once, in different ways and with goals; common or personal. They concern as much the opinions of differentiation as the conclusions in similarities and patterns.

The idea in a series about creation in a laboratory was born, when in the application of the NLP tools and the techniques of Theatre – Pedagogy we observed that both approaches led to the same scientific finding: To have a chance, to conquer a goal of overcome an obstacle, there must be a precondition of cooperation in the unconscious mind, and consent so as to be possible for the result to manifest itself in the conscious and logical plain of thought.

“Sherlock Your Mind” is a disposition, a mindset, a condition that initiates an internal game, which in turn produces the external one and is none other than the behavioral pattern.

Its namesake hero of police literature renders in a single word, a self – sufficient way, the potential of observation, curiosity and resolution of issues. It does so, through principles of mathematical thought and keen perception of association between the role of every hero and the relative behavior towards him.

“Sherlock Your Mind” does not solve a case, however borrows from “Sherlock” the initial observation, the potential of events and emotions but mainly their reconstruction into a new spectrum. Thus, the principles of Neuro – science and Theatre – Pedadogy are applied from both sides, inrough theatre and myth. Also through improvisation and revalation of the internal behavioral programming and thought.
Who hasn’t already been skeptical? Don’t think everything can be done in a few hours. Consent to review what you have in mind, the word narrative and your moves.
Sherlock is observant…

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